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Data center planning must include careful thought about the environmental needs of the facility. more
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Mechanical Systems

Data center planning must include careful thought about the environmental needs of the facility. Most often the environmental needs of the Data Center are met with mechanical systems that control the dust, temperature, humidity and air flow.

Data processing equipment must be positioned with cooling and air flow in mind. Under most conditions it is best to maintain the equipment in a "hot aisle / cold aisle" configuration. Solutions for maintaining the proper environment for data centers depends on rack density, equipment layout and physical layout of the facility.

Floor Mount

These units are generally known in the industry as CRAC's, (computer room air conditioners). CRAC units provide cooling, heating, humidification, dehumidification and dust control. These units are the main source for maintaining precise climate conditions in medium and large data centers. The preferred method of installation is in raised floor facilities as the unit produces a high noise level in the room when installed as up a draft units.

Ceiling / Wall Mount

Ceiling and wall mounted  equipment provides cooling and humidity control where people and equipment share the same space  such as command centers, NOC’s and small data centers. These units are designed as space saving systems that meet the needs of electronic equipment in small rooms.

High Density Cooling Systems

High density cooling solutions are necessary for today's high density rack installations. Cooling units are mounted directly on top of or next to the source of the heat providing spot cooling in what would otherwise would be difficult conditions. Being relativity small in size they offer a viable solution to the high density rack installation problem. In most cases these units do not offer humidity control ; therefore they do not provide a total cooling solution and are normally installed with CRAC units to provide a complete solution.

Equipment Selection

Climate control solutions are as varied as the data centers themselves, each location must be analyzed to provide the correct solution. Equipment density, UPS heat rejection, building design and orientation all play a role in equipment selection and installation.

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