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Data center planning must include careful thought about the environmental needs of the facility. more
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The first order of business in designing a data center is to decide how much down time you can tolerate in your business and how much you can afford to pay for redundant systems. more  

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Power Distribution

Power distribution to the individual racks or systems is normally provided thru Power Distribution Units (PDU’S). The main function of the PDU is to be the last link in the power distribution system before final consumption.  PDU’s can be as simple as a wall mounted panel board or as complex as a free standing unit with internal switching, redundant power and monitoring.  When choosing a PDU consideration must be given to capacity, location and air flow in the facility.  

Redundant Power

The need for continuous operation of data center facilities opens the discussion to the need for redundant power systems throughout the 24/7 facility. Redundant power is essentially a "what if game". What will we do if the utility power fails, what if the UPS fails, what if the generator fails? This what if game should be played before the event happens and solutions should be installed in to prevent disaster.

Other Power Needs

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